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CBI's response to Jeremy Corbyn's TUC speech

The CBI has responded to Jeremy Corbyn’s speech delivered at the TUC Annual Conference 2017.

Neil Carberry, CBI Managing Director for People, said:

“Technology is changing the way everyone works – creating new opportunities for people and businesses. The UK has a great record in adapting to change, thanks to a flexible labour market that benefits workers, delivers high employment rates and provides jobs that suit people's lifestyles. The UK’s diverse and world-leading sharing economy – and the gig economy within it - is a vital part of this mix.

“Businesses know work needs to be both flexible and fair. It is wrong to assume that the form of a contract can define what is fair work, as this does not reflect the reality of people’s daily lives. How people are treated is what matters and most participants in the sharing economy value working in this flexible way.

“All employers must renew their efforts to engage staff, however they choose to be represented, and ensure their workplaces are productive, inclusive and fair. The CBI is putting this at the heart of its ‘Everyone’s Business’ campaign that provides insight into people’s day-to-day relationships with business.”